Commercial Concrete Restoration Projects
MuddRuckers is equipped to contract commercial jobs of any size. Our staff are safety certified and equipped to work in any job site environment.
Here are some examples of commercial work that we have done in recent years includes: • • •
Leveling numerous warehouse floors throughout the City of Winnipeg
Leveling the floor of research laboratory in Thunder Bay, Ontario (in off hours to permit uninterrupted  operations)
Raising bridge approaches for the Department of Highways throughout Manitoba
Leveling a wide variety of business and professional office floors (usually in off hours)
Leveling streets and sidewalks for the City of Winnipeg and other municipalities
Leveling basement floors in City schools and libraries
Major void filling under school grade beams and slab on grade leveling at a number of schools
Lifting and/or leveling dozens of grain bins of all types throughout Manitoba
Lifting and leveling a variety of slab on grade shops, garages, barns and business offices
Void filling under warehouse floors and city streets under emergency call circumstances
Void filling abandoned sections of sewer lines in Kenora, Ontario
Raising and leveling slab on grade buildings in remote northern locations
Void filling and lifting wharf decks in Gimli and Lockport for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans
We have upgraded equipment and capacity to respond to any void filing or concrete slab lifting requirement

All work is done on a fixed price contract basis to engineered requirements.
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