Our Guarantee
At MuddRuckers customer satisfaction is our top priority. We guarantee a hassle free consultation to provide you with a solution for your unique concrete problems.
In response to each inquiry that we receive we will provide a free evaluation of the problem encountered and our recommended solution. Occasionally we are able to provide that response by telephone or email but generally we must conduct an on-site inspection of the problem and will then provide a free evaluation and written quotation.
At MuddRuckers we are proud to provide our customers with a fixed price quotation for our service. Each quote clearly explains our recommended solution and outlines the services we will be providing. The quotation also outlines our satisfaction guarantee and two-year warranty.
Booking your job is quick and easy. Call to arrange the work to be done and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. No deposits or advance payments are required. Payment becomes due only upon completion of the work. Deferred payment arrangements can be made.
In most cases of sunken or uneven concrete our mudjacking restoration process will be the most effective and cost efficient solution. Occasionally, if the concrete is too badly broken or deteriorated we will quote a replacement option. Replacement quotes are subject to an on-site meeting with our replacement specialist who will offer both a free consultation and quote. In these cases an advance deposit may be required if the work is to proceed.
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