How Mud Jacking Works
MuddRuckers uses a three-step lifting and leveling process to restore your sunken concrete back to its original level. Almost any lift can usually be completed in just one day without having to remove any structures (such as detached garages, sheds or fences) that sit on the slab. Backyards and other remote locations on a property can usually be easily accessed with our equipment so there is little or no disturbance to your landscaping.
How It Works:
Step 1:      We drill holes into the concrete slab that is in need of restoration.
Step 2:     Limestone grout is carefully injected through these holes in the concrete slab to fill any voids between the slab and the ground surface. As the limestone grout fills the area beneath the slab, the slab begins to slowly rise back to the desired level. Limestone grout continues to be added underneath the slab until the entire slab reaches the full height.
We ensure that the proper slope is made to direct water away from the foundation. Establishing this proper surface grade also helps to prevent water from migrating underneath the slab and creating additional freezing and thawing conditions which may cause future settlement issues.
Step 3:     Our team will make a return visit to patch the surface of the slab where the holes were drilled to give your slab a smooth uniform finish.
MuddRuckers' proprietary concrete lifting and leveling process is an innovative form of concrete repair. Sunken concrete driveways, sloped sidewalks and settled garages have all been recipients of new life from our concrete restoration process. We are so confident in our concrete service that we provide a full two year warranty.
If you are still unsure whether MuddRuckers' concrete restoration services are the right solution for you, take a look at some of our before and after pictures and read the testimonials of our customers. As always, one of our professional evaluators would be happy to assess your concrete situation and provide you with a quote free of charge.
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