Muddruckers has been providing our innovative concrete lifting and leveling services in Manitoba for over 25 years. We provide concrete restoration solutions that save our customers time and money with our environmentally friendly solution.
At Muddruckers, providing the best solution for our customer's needs is our top priority. We lift and level sunken concrete slabs, including concrete driveways, garage slabs, patios, sidewalks and even warehouse floors. We restore these slabs to a safe and functional level, using a permanent solution that will lengthen the life of your concrete slab.
IIf your concrete slab has areas that have deteriorated or broken, our concrete repair specialists will provide experienced, professional repair solutions for that area as well. In the event that our evaluators determine that full replacement is the best and only solution for your failed concrete problem, we will provide the same high quality service, in a new concrete slab installation, as we do with our concrete restoration services. Muddruckers commitment to exceptional customer service is further reinforced by a full two year warrantee on all of our work.
Muddruckers is committed to preserving our environment. Concrete lifting and leveling is an environmentally responsible choice over demolition and replacement, but Muddruckers carries over this commitment to the environment in every aspect of its operations. It is one of our core values.
Muddruckers has established itself as the premier provider of mudjacking services in Manitoba. We will be here to serve our residential and commercial clients for many more years to come.
Muddruckers Inc., Mud Jacking Contractors, Winnipeg, MB
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