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How to Prevent Foundation Problems for Winnipeg Homeowners


If you’re like most homeowners in Winnipeg, you dread the inevitable spring flood season. While it won’t affect you as much if you do not live by the river, your home may still be in danger of foundation problems with mass amounts of melting snow and rain, draining towards your home.

Foundation repairs of homes are something people pay the least amount of attention to. Often, you will begin to see water damage or crack lines on the exterior of your home and ignore it. Ignorance at this stage can bring several big problems for you in the future. Problems such as water drainage, hollow voids and walking hazards can arise due to foundation damage. This is indeed a disturbing situation, as your home is your most important asset.
One of the best ways to prevent foundation damage from occurring is by lifting and leveling your concrete to direct water away from your house. This can be done in several ways,  with the most effective solution being mud jacking. Mud jacking is a cost effective way to essentially ‘jack up’ your concrete to its original level and ensure the grade is slanted away from your property.

Mud jacking is a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to replacing sunken concrete slabs including your driveway, sidewalk, garage floor or patio. For those who don’t know what mud jacking is, click here to read this detailed article on how it works.

Don’t jeopardize your home by ignoring foundation issues. Tackle them head on by calling MuddRuckers Concrete Lifting & Leveling Experts in Winnipeg for a free quote. We provide free on-site concrete evaluations and a 2 year warranty on all jobs.

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